A Word from the Webmaster

Although we started this website many years ago, at a time when only very few architectural firms had such a new-fangled thing, it has grown only very slowly, partly because most of our work comes to us through word of mouth anyway, and partly because we simply had too much else to do.

The existing site is constantly being improved, so please visit again — you may find new material from time to time.

We are also stubbornly refusing to use fancy technology (such as sound or animation effects beyond the odd animated .GIF) because we believe neither in flashy presentations nor in overloading the viewer's Internet link with bulky data transfers. And, most of all, we hate it when a website feels it has to show off its designer's skill rather than let the customer get to the information wanted.

Maybe one day, at some degree show, we'll come across a gifted young web designer hungry for work, and all our carefully crafted HTML and JavaScript will have to give way to razzmatazz and Adobe Flash®.

In the meantime, we try to keep the website — like our architecture — well engineered and light-weight. But please remember: we design houses and interiors, not websites; so if things appear a bit amateurish — it's because they are!